A.   Facilities Management

      (Soft Services)

1.  Cleaning Services

A.  Contract and One time cleaning services  

B.  Post construction cleaning.

C.  Window cleaning.

D.  Cleaning of high-rise building glasses, wall claddings.

E.  Sign board cleaning.

2.  Floor Maintenance Services.

A.  Marble Restoration

B.  Marble vitrification (crystallization).

C.  Mosaic, PVC, Vinyl floor care including stripping, sealing, waxing and burnishing.

3.   Carpet & upholstery shampooing Services.

4.   Landscaping Maintenance.

5.   Pest control (sprays and gel treatment)

6.   Waste Management.

7.   Sewage Water Disposal Service.

B.   Facilities Management

       (Hard Services)

     1.   Air Conditioner

           Installation & Maintenance.

2.   Electrical

      Installation & Maintenance.

3.   Plumbing

      Installation & Maintenance.

4.   Carpentry Maintenance.

5.   Fire Alarm & Fire Fighting


Al Yafei International LLC, (London Cleaning & Maintenance) a hundred percent Omani owned company has started its operation in 1992. Our highly professional approach backed by the latest sophisticated equipment and qualified and competent staff has propelled us to the position of one of the leading Facilities Management contractors in Sultanate of Oman.

We are proud that our company is able to provide a high quality of service in accordance with the international standards, with the technical support and know how provided by renowned international agents of the cleaning industry such as BICS and ISSA on time to time. 

1.  Work force

We have a well organized and disciplined administration and HR team responsible for handling all the day to day administration works, recruitments and HR related matters.

Our strength is a well disciplined and qualified work force. We always ensure that a face to face interview is conducted before we recruit any employee even if it is a single cleaner. As a result we have been able to build up a quality and healthy workforce that can deliver professional and quality services to our clients.

2. Training

We ensure that all our janitors undergo intensive training programs that focus on.

Health and Safety

Equipment handling

Floor cleaning

Washroom cleaning

Sanitary cleaning

Office cleaning

Kitchen cleaning

Infection control

Waste Management

Our janitors are trained in using the internationally accepted colour coded cleaning equipment and accessories to prevent the cross-contamination

3. Assurance of Quality

Our combination of technology, manpower and adherence to ‘best practice’ deliver best value results for our clients.  We work to the highest standards and our cleaning operations conform to British Institute of Cleaning Science standards.

We are also a member of The World Wide Cleaning Association ‘ISSA’.

ISSA is dedicated to the goal of “Advancing clean, Driving Innovation”. In order to achieve this goal ISSA conducts regular exhibitions, educational seminars, training sessions, and provides training materials exclusively for its members.

We maintain a system of documents and forms according to the nature and type of the projects to follow up and control the quality of our services.

4. Machineries and Equipment

We are proud to state here that, London Cleaning is equipped with the state-of -the -art technology and equipment and which makes us the leader in the market.

5. Health, Environment & Safety (HES)

Health and Safety considerations are an integral part of our operations, not something 'bolted on' to comply with the rules. We are in the process of implementing Occupational Health & Safety Assessment Series 18001 (OHSAS 18001).